Play and roll in the sand, Dance to your own band, Little one hold my hand, Welcome to Mini land.




We are so grateful to have been a part of the Miniland playschool history. After looking at several schools in the neighbourhood, we walked into Miniland and almost instantly felt the warm and earthy vibe. Once we got Zahaan enrolled, we noticed how Minnie and the teachers and the didi's interacted with the kids at Playschool; there was love through attention and interaction. Snack time was like family time. Minnie's calm presence, encouraged kids to express themselves in their interactions with others. Directing their focus and energy through imaginative play and getting the kids excited about discovery. Often, we dropped or picked up the kids at the park adjacent to the school.. running walking and being outdoors was an important part of learning. And lots of learning about the world around them and beyond. Guest speakers, visitors and the amazing field trips were just a few of the many excitements of Miniland. It has been two years but the wonderful memories of Miniland are still fresh in Zahaan's mind.

Nilima and Ashish Hemrajani

Priyanka Oberoi
Home away from home ??

Ruma Mehrishi( Gautam Mehrishi)
Great school,great people.
Amazing time for kids with learnings and yearnings

Delita Raj
Miniland is an awesome school,very happy parents

Sarika Jain
Best few years Jinayaa has spent here!!
Wonderful time, good learning. Jinayaa ??s it here.

Ashish Soni Minnie,
Jai has blossomed after coming to Miniland.

Jasmine soni Minnie,
Thank you for being there for Jai always!

Rishabh Sanghvi
Rivan does and says things we never imagined he could.
All thanks to Miniland.
Thank you

Siddharth Podar
A big thanks to Miniland for taking good care of Shubh!!

Natasha Vohra
Thank you Miniland and all the superb teachers for the best play school experience, I could have hoped for.

Ruma Mehrishi
Aarav and Aarohi have had an amazing time with Minnie.
God bless!

Jagrati Jain Reddy
Reddy Kiran
Wonderful school . It's like a second home for children. My daughter has become fond of coming here.

Rashmi Goenka Podar
Super duper school...
Shubh enjoys every moment here!!
Thanks Minnie and all the teachers.

Saba Akhtar
Samad Akhtar
Shahira Samad Akhtar
*Excellent play school
*Very good faculty
Awesome experience for the kids...
Keep it up Minnie..??

Pallavi Brar
??Amazing experience, great people, great school, great Minnie..

Swati Baikar
The activities and the way they have taken care of my child , it was very very good.

Richa Talwar Sanghvi
Amazing experience
Rivan LOVES Miniland!!

Delita Raj
Superb experience!!
Valentino loves coming to school just because of MINILAND.
Thank you Miniland.

Super Miniland for Super kids. Happy learning and Happy growing up.

Miniland was the stepping stone towards my daughter's progress.. It covered all physical as well as mental growth.. The hygiene that is maintained at Miniland is just as we maintain at our homes.. The care given to the kids was just something dat wud keep me out of worrying when ur kid is in school.. Just loved d way Aarya came out after being a mini�� — with Payal Jhaveri at Miniland Playgroup Nursery.

Thank you Jyoti and Nayan Ghosh for the great review

Miniland brings fond memories to all of us at home. Both our children Ishaan (2000) and Sharanya (2003) experienced their first organized learning but in a fun-way at Miniland.
We still remember the very first day when both Ishaan and Sharanya went to Miniland. Their apprehension and our anxiety. But the teachers at Miniland with their affection and care won them over. The children really absorbed and learnt so much through stories, poems, games, dance, music and sports. In fact, when Ishaan insisted on being a musician for the Annual Fancy Dress competition, he was strongly encouraged by Ms. Minnie Mehra. That turned out to be his first Tabla Solo concert at age two years ten months !!!
Both Ishaan and Sharanya had different temperaments. Ishaan was an extrovert and Sharanya, a shy child. The teachers, especially Ms. Simi ensured that they were in a comfortable learning space. It is known that a child's best learning is upto the age of five. The play-way method used at Miniland optimized their learning process and created a sound base for their learning thereafter at Jamnabai Narsee School.
Ishaan and Sharanya have grown up now but have wonderful memories of Miniland.
We take this opportunity to thank Ms. Minnie Mehra and her wonderful team for their effort, dedication and care for the little ones at Miniland. Please keep up the good work for years to come. God bless.

Mumbai: March 7th, 2017.

Thank you Richa Sanghvi for the great review

Thankyou Miniland for welcoming Rivan every single day with a smile and taking care of him. I was very concerned earlier because he is the youngest in school but today when I saw him confidently moving around, demanding teachers attention,interacting with friends and using so many new words and signs.. am happy that we are a part of Miniland. He loves going to school and his friends and teachers.

Thank you Thomas and Delita for the wonderful review

Prior to joining Miniland, our son used to attend another playschool in Juhu itself. However we were not satisfied with the level of care, attention, monotony, and learning that our son experienced there. That's when we started asking around and were highly recommended Miniland by one of my school mates, whose kids also went there. Needless to say, we took the step of getting our son out of the other playschool and joining Ms. Mehra's school. Its a decision that we are glad we took. The close attention, care and above all, genuine love, given by the teachers and their assistants to all the children is exemplary. The different, closely-monitored activities not only enhance their creativity but also stimulate the mind, and hence overall development. This is something that we have clearly witnessed in our child since he joined Miniland. The one thing they lack is monotony, which is wonderful! Hence, everyday is a different day and experience for the children, with a wide range of activities, which is why our son looks forward to going to school every morning. When you see that your child is happy and eager to share what he learnt in school every day once he's back, clearly demonstrates the fact that he's learning at the right place. A big thank you to the team at Miniland and most of all, Ms. Mehra.

-Thomas and Delita

My dearest Minnie,

20 years ago, I had sent both my daughters to
Miniland  for their preschool. Today, both have grown to be beautiful, confident and honest women; and Miniland formed their foundation.

Thank you for your kindness and patience as you introduced my daughters to the concept of school. The times they spent at your preschool were possibly the most influential years of my daughters educational trajectory - the crucial moment where they would either fall in love with “school”, or be dismayed by it. Your energy, creativity and passion demonstrated that you all understand this and are fully committed to helping instil a love of learning in all your students.

Thank you for always smiling and offering a hug to both my girls when they walked in through the doors of preschool, thank you for introducing them to the big kid world but always having the grace to understand they’re all still toddlers. Thank you for all the diaper changes (Bless your hearts!). Thank you for teaching them songs, different dances, and how to play with other kids. Thank you for making their hearts jump with joy when it’s time for a snack and teaching them to wait to eat it until everyone received their own. It taught them to be self-disciplined.Thank you for the daily art and crafts gifts personally made by them, always felt like a mini christmas when I came to pick them up, and how for the first two weeks, you helped and consoled them, wiping away their tears and worries while they adjusted to they new environment away from their mom. Thank you for giving them back to me with the widest grin on their faces when play school was over, just the right amount of being tired and their bright eyes sparkling from all the new discoveries of the day. Thank you for providing a variety of gender-neutral toys for my daughters to play with and thank you also for always being available to answer their inexhaustible questions. But most importantly, thank you for being the stepping stone towards their bright future!
Thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

Devika and Dhvani’s ever-so-grateful & proud mother,  Ekta Thakkar

Miniland is a very child friendly place.My daughter Divija had the best pre-school experience at Miniland. Their curriculum is just the right first step for a child.Start your child's early expose to learning with Miniland ....much recommended ��

Miniland  has been a strong foundation for my kids who are now teenagers n doing well in their studies.
I appreciate  all the hard work Minnie  n her team of teachers put in to give their best.
It's been a great experience to be a part of Miniland  and in fact my kids also used to attend n enjoy the summer camps even after they were out of Miniland.
Wishing Minnie  n her team all the very best n success in future too. God Bless.

-Sapna Salins

Miniland was one of the very important stepping stone for my son and daughter.s progress.. What else can I say about Miniland. .. Foundation layed by you and your team was the best foundation I can ask for my kids.  I was blessed to have Miniland nearby and have my little ones placed under so much love and care from Minnie...Sahil and Diya still miss their play group and nursery a lot..Thank you so much for everything Minnie...Hope that my grand children also be a part of Miniland...Good luck...

-Payal Jaggi Mehta and Manish

"My children Anay and Karan attended miniland in 2006 and 2008. The teachers there are very enthusiastic and encouraging. They have a lot of different day to day fun-and- learning activities which my children really enjoyed while growing up, like car-wash day, annual day, art and craft activities, rhymes, hand printing, foot printing, valentines day card activity made for mummy, juggler visit, garden visits, sports day, sensory booth day, birthdays, etc. I would recommend miniland to all young moms. My children also loved the summer camps there."

- Meghana Tib

What do I say about Miniland ???

The biggest testimonial I can give this place is that we sent our younger daughter here too, after our older daughter had been here (almost 20 years ago). There is a 5 year gap between the two so our older one was out of Miniland by the time it was the younger one’s turn to get into playschool. It is to Minnie’s credit that the thought of checking out any other playschool never even entered our minds.

I won’t talk about the equipment, the infrastructure, the methodology, the staff etc etc. That is there for everyone to see. In my book, more important than all this is the attitude and the care with which the child is being treated. And there is oodles and more of that in Miniland. Miniland was a second home of sorts for our kids and still is. Even now, they have great memories of this place. I don’t remember our kids ever saying that they didn’t feel like going to playschool – they had such a good time while they were there. And they learnt everything that they needed to learn along the way.

On this journey, we met many people (parents of other kids in Miniland at that time) who went on to become great friends of ours. So Miniland was good not only for our kids – but us too !!

We are both glad and thankful that our kids went here – couldn’t ask for a better start to their education and learning !!
So – thanks , Minnie. More power to you and your school.

- Munish Aggarwal
- Deepti Aggarwal

Today my daughter shreya is sweet 16, completed boards, started A levels and I am proud to be her mother. I owe her the mother ship....It was outside Miniland steps that I cried when I left her with Minnie n staff but it was a waste of tears...shreya was in their care extremely safe! Today whatever she has grown up to be is THANKS to Minnie and the loving teachers who allow the baby steps to tread to success. We owe it to the early years of schooling in Miniland for our daughter SHREYA....THANKS MInnie !!!
straight from our heart to you Minnie ....she turns 16 tomorrow!

- Priya Sen

Miniland has always been a 2nd home for kanwarpal. He started his preschool in Miniland and did quite a few summer camps. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly for children which gives us satisfaction as parents that are children are in safe hands. The activities held creates a very good Base for children which is really important at that stage and the best part is Minnie captures every moment for our child which is really precious for us. Kanwarpal really missed Miniland even after entering his big school. Thanks Minnie for everything.

- Harpreet

My daughters first step toward education 15 years ago was one of the best and most cherished experience my child and me had . A playschool is not just a school but a foundation stone in a childs step into the world and Miniland has given her that and much more where education was given with fun activities and the whole team of teachers and of course Minnie were always so warm , and hands on with every aspect of the kids . Its the best decision I could have taken for my princess . Thank you Minnie.

- Mamta

I am glad Rakshaa started the concept of organised learning (school) from Miniland ....her basics are strong for the same reason....Miniland is a special place where young kids and their parents learn so much in such a creative way....thank you Miniland ....highly recommended ....

- Harsh Vasishta & Ritu Vasishta

Thnks Miniland n Minnie for the super base tht u guys hav formed for Prabjeet singh Chandhok...we started wth days when prabjeet would cry to go to Miniland.... n then there was a time..he would cry not to be bck home wanted to stay in school only ..just because of all the love n affection he got from the teachers n staff of Miniland ....learnt everything possible from u guys...n is helping him groom himself till date.thnks soo very much.. — with Harpreet Kaur Chandhok and Preeti Chandhok.

- Preeti

Miniland holds a very special place in our heart and Jigyaa’s life. She has such vivid memories of Miniland, which are so well etched in her mind, as if it was yesterday.
The teachers and the staff there were hands we could trust our child with. They looked after the kids with a lot of warmth and affection. She formed very special bonds with all her teachers.

She always looked forward to going there and came back happier with stories to share and show what she made that day in school. We still have an entire album of all the paintings, craftworks and drawings she learnt there.
She thoroughly enjoyed the co-curricular activities, be it her annual event or their annual sports day, which helped her immensely to become a confident child and prepared her for her school life.

In all, Miniland is the best foundation as parents, we could ask for. It helped her in her overall development while being such a fun place.

A big thank you always to Minnie Mehra and to all the teachers of Miniland playschool for shaping Jigyaa’s most important early years.

- Jaya Sharma

Dear Minnie ,
"Miniland" is a place where a child feels safe & secured. 16years ago my daughter Raashi took her first step to face the challenges.
Miniland has helped her to become more confident , outspoken & portray her real character.
Thanks alot Minnie for moulding Raashi's future.

- Jasmine

My daughter Tavleen Bhatia is in the 8th Std now. She started her student life at Miniland school. Those were really memorable years !! For us Miniland school is a family tradition......It was and continues to be a great school and is a perfect start for every child. Thanks for all you do Minnie....��

- Ritu

Miniland has been an amazing experience for yuvaan he has learned many activities also celebrated festivals ,team at miniland is warm and very child friendly .........Thank you Minnie..

- Mohita

Miniland - The first school of Angad.
While we were confused choosing right playschool for our son, a friend suggested Miniland. Once you visit the place and meet Ms. Minnie Mehra, all the apprehension and anxiety of selecting right school comes to an end. It's just perfect for the little ones to start, especially the settling period. Learning here is not limited to classroom, children are given good exposure to the environment. We are glad we chose Miniland and would strongly recommend.

- Aditi Ashwin

Miniland is d first ever place my son Ansh stepped into without me...his first ever preschool..I still remember d moment when I started looking for preschools I was bit nervous as I wanted him to be in safe hands. After shortlisting few schools I personally went to each of them and then I came across miniland. Ms Minnie's extensive experience meant that she knew how to open up d knowledge of young minds. The team ...the teachers are humble n give personal attention to all d kids. The play way method of teaching makes the kids enjoy n learn. Along with d indoor activities,kids enjoyed d outdoor activities too. I always felt my son was in a safe n secure hands. Ms Minnie n her team are excellent in their job. I wanted to thank and wish all d very best to miniland .

- Shipra

Mini land my first school . This wasn't a play school it was my 2nd home where I was loved n cared by all my teachers especially Minnie miss. This play school is very special to me not only bcoz it was my first school but because It was that place where I made many friends learnt poems heard sweet little stories played games and off course the activities like racing celebrating festivals made it even more fun .
I yet cherish the memories of mini land

- Rajshree

Parents are always apprehensive, coming to a united decision- a struggle.
Nadia n I appreciate to date, having our kids take their first steps, out of home, with you Minnie. They are both fine young men today, thanks to the seed you had sown.
Together, all four of us, give you a BIG shout!!
Thank you Minnie
Thank you Miniland !!!

- Kamal Makharia & Nadia Saraf Makharia

MINILAND MADE LEARNING FUN for my daughter Ananya .
A great place to send your kids to their first step towards learning. Miniland has dedicated and caring teachers and staff. They are concerned about the kids and their needs. Learning is fun here and the love and leadership that is taught here is amazing. Thank you Minnie for all your efforts towards making this a great success.

- Himani Shah

As as mother and one who was new to Mumbai it was a bit of a difficult decision to decide where to send your pre school precious toddler to.... We were blessed to have Miniland near by and to have our little one placed under the loving care of Minnie who became her caregiver and teacher and took such good care of Taanya . Taanya loved going to school and missed Miniland once she moved on to a regular school.

- Pooja Kapur

Miniland is the best place to start to introduce your little heartbeat to the academic world through lots of fun and special care. The personal attention and love given to each child is rare and makes the child very secure. My daughter would cry on on holidays saying she wanted to go back to school !!!!
Nazneen Madan .

My kids Rian and Rioni had an amazing experience at Miniland
awesome playway method used for teaching, very thoughtful
and knowledgeable field trips. I am proud my kids were
in Miniland.

-Payal Maru

Miniland  has been the first, the only and complete pre school experience for both my daughters. They learnt their first lessons of not only alphabets and numbers but also colors, smell, taste, textures, shapes,   creativity, team spirit, friendship and everything that a toddler needs to be introduced to in the most fun and effective way. They were ever enthusiastic to go to their Miniland School. Garden play time and field visits helped a lot in introducing the kids to the outside world. The teachers and helping staff were so very well trained that my kids were prepared to go to the big school without me having to put in any efforts towards that. Thank you Minnie��

-Rupal Soni Choksy

It was grt fun enrolling my girls in Miniland . They were taken well care of with lots of activities. I still remember they had made a classroom into a jungle for the kids to c with the teachers in animal costumes for the kids to c. So much effort for everything. A couple of years back my boys too did summer camp at Miniland and they got so many beautiful art things home everyday. They were simple and kids loved making them.

-Rachna Vinay Bansal

Miniland...a playgroup that transports our little ones into the magical land of song,dance,nature,learning in a playway method and comfort.
A second home for Tarini & a wonderful summer camp destination for Tej.
Teachers are very warm,cooperative & loving.Minnie has become a dear friend over the years and is very efficient,meticulous & always eager to help.
I am glad that both my kids were a part of Miniland!

-Vijaya Bopardikar

Thank you Khyati Rupani and Vishal Rupani  for the great review ��

Miniland was the 1st ever school my lil princess went to. She was only 15 months old and it was like leaving your heart behind

But to my surprise when I went to pick her, she was all smiles. Trisshu  spent 2 productive pre school years there which I feel were the foundation of her educational journey. She till date loves school and her teachers

-Khyati Rupani

Both my kids are Miniland ex students ��and am so glad that I chose Miniland. My daughter Tanishka(10yrs now) started at an early age of 1.5 yrs when she could barely complete sentences.My son Shaurya (4yrs now) joined when he was 2 yrs and still wants to go to Miniland any day��.The kind of exposure and fun activities there are just innovative which engages the kids very well. Miniland also gives continous feedback about the child letting parents know their development. I would recommend Miniland to anyone who wishes to give the best to their toddler. ��

-Gayatri Chaudhary

Good Morning Minnie 

With both my kids ending their play group tenure with Miniland, just wanted to express my thank you to Miniland institution / staff.

Miniland has been a wonderplace for my kids – Ranveer & Riya.
To be honest, had selected Miniland play group primarily for location convenience since it was located on the ground floor of the building where we reside. But I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of the school , various activities taking place such as sports days, aqua day, animal day or short trips to Juhu aquarium / long trips to Byculla zoo which have really evolved the personality of my kids. Also, was impressed that the principal- Ms. Minnie Mehra herself is involved in the activities and does not simply assign them to the teachers which definitely ensures that teachers also perform well.
I would strongly recommend parents to enroll their kids to Miniland since my own kids have inculcated some good traits such as (i)habit of reading,(ii) eating together, (iii) socialising (iv) being with people of their age instead of being with adults all the time.

-Priyadarshini Das Bhatia / Rachit Bhatia

Thank you Miniland for being our son's happy place! It's been wonderful to discover the growth, development and evolution of our child in your capable hands. Thank you for sparking his imagination, encouraging his curiosity and teaching him the importance of social skills. The bonds he has learned to create with his friends will be something he treasures forever.

-Vivek Oberoi & Priyanka Oberoi

Miniland is undoubtedly the best play school. It's the best gift that we as parents can give our child at foundation level. I have seen my son Neil bloom with MINILANDS magic of love... The calendar of activities is fabulous it has helped Neil a lot in the development of his motor, social as well as the imaginative skill. The teachers again are very friendly and create a fun, happy and caring environment for the kids. Miniland will be the most memorable , treasureable and best gift to my son Neil. " A big thank u for all that u do


-Bharati and juzer ali

Minnie makes vidhi jingle -a miracle 

My daughter Vidhi joined Miniland when she was 27 months old at 2 1/4 yrs she hardly spoke few words we were scared that we need speech therapy for her but thanks to Miniland within 6 months time my daughter was ahead of other children .Minnie had made a miracle.��

-Jyoti Pherwani 

Both my children, Radhika and Param had great time in the initial years with Mini. They loved all the activities and outings .The team effort of teachers was amazing. They imbibed good values by enacting stories with flash cards. It was hygienic n delicious healthy food was served to kids. I would recommend parents to send their kids to Miniland.


"Dear Mini, I was concerned when first leaving my son at the school as I had never left him alone with anyone prior but family. After a short time of him attending MINILAND I could see what capable and caring hands I was leaving my son to. I have watched my son grow in confidence , skills and ability to communicate with each other. The teachers at MINILAND are compassionate and calm which brings a peaceful environment for the children to play independently as well in groups. The socialization and routine they require to be prepared for life ahead is met in a non stress full environment .. Thank u very much MINILAND to make my boy the way I wanted Cheers

Vinita Bangia"

The days that I've spent at Miniland Playschool have been the best days of my life ..!! 
I really miss those days and wouldn't mind running back into class even now :) 
It is more than a school for me.. It's home.. I'll always be a Miniland-er❤


MINILAND�� play school  where i feel safe and secure leaving my child Sathvi in their care each day..As first time parents we were hesitant to leave our first born under the care of others .however,the staff at miniland has consistently provided a level of care and compassion that has put us at ease ..when my daughter started the year she did not know letter or number recognition,and now she's singing her ABC and also with numbers.I couldn't be happier with how they have taught and encouraged her over the year.They spend lot of time in painting,playing and extra  curricular activities .My daughter loves going to school means the school is as great as you make it to be. It's  also great to be part of it.I really appreciate the educational curriculum as well as the healthy food provided each day.Miniland  will always hold a special place in our hearts and i will always be grateful to Minnie.

- Roshitha  ��

Hi Minnie
Miniland has been one of our best schooling experience so far!She has been instrumental in Aanay's growing up years, Minnie ,her teachers and her staff were really caring.  Thanks to her, Aanay started extra curricular activities at a very very young age. I Recommend it to all .THanks Minnie :)

- Dimple

  With both my kids ending their play group tenure with Miniland, just wanted to express my thank you to Miniland institution / staff.

Miniland has been a wonderplace for my kids

Ranveer & Riya.


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