Play and roll in the sand, Dance to your own band, Little one hold my hand, Welcome to Mini land.



Playing is learning is fun. A child's play is hard work and is vitally important for him to develop into a happy satisfied adult.

At miniland, play will be flexible and will involve interaction between parents and children, children & children and importantly teachers and parents.

Miniland aims at giving your toddlers an environment for all kinds of learning experience thet will develop social, emotional and motor skills.

A unique programme in which a child attends a five times a week programme with an adult.

This programme is specially designed with activities that both an adult and a child can do together.

Age appropriate equipment, toys activities are selected and conducted under the guidance of trained teachers.

Activities like story telling, role play, Motors development , rhyme and rhythm etc.

Day : Monday to Friday Contact :
Time: 09.00 a.m. To 10.30 a.m. Minnine P. Mehra on
11.30 a.m. To 01.00 p.m 2620 7885 / 2671 4129
Age : 1 Years and above 9820033344

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